*Free MAD
Utility Token[s]

    What's the catch
    nothing is for free?

    Yep! You are soooo right
    With great opportunity,
    comes great responsibility

    *FREE Make A Difference Utility Token [s]

    **For Select invited participants
    who will be granted X number of

    MAD Utility Tokens to use towards:

    • Funding your Wild Idea, Project, Initiative or Cause.
    • Hiring one of WEIRDWORLD's vetted best of the best Creatives, 4th Estaters, Educators.
    • Bringing your idea to Make A Difference to light. 
    • Purchasing goods or services from our select and vetted merchants.


    ** Criteria for being invited

    WEIRDWORLD will Invite the most ambitious, talented, driven persons we know whom we would also trust with the keys to our home.  Those looking for an opportunity to raise capital for their project, cause or initiative, and those who want to be a member of a community of Kind Empathetic Supportive and Participative people, sharing their stories, wisdom, skills and talents to Make A Difference.   


    WEIRDWORLD will select and invite persons from the above "Under-represented persons and groups" list.


    A blockchains value isn't in the chain of data, its in the community and social concensus around the chain"

    WEIRDWORLD is an invite only social community where you essentially “stake”, your reputation on everyone you invite. 

    Every time you invite a great person, organization, institution or business, you earn MAD utility tokens. 

    When your invitees exhibit good behavior, you earn more utility tokens.  When your invitees exhibit bad behavior in the community, you lose MAD utility tokens.

    MAD utility tokens tokens are designed to run on a decentralized next generation AI powered blockchain platform called WEIRDWORLD, where MAD utility tokens can flow without friction between the platform and users, where everyone feels respected, and where everyone is rewarded for being Kind, Empathetic, Supportive and Participative (KESP).

    Where does the MAD utility tokens value come from?

    (in progress section 2:26pm pst)

    WEIRDWORLD is essentially a social good circular economy gaming experiment where users compete for rewards by inviting great persons, who will through their good behavior and active offline and online participation add value to the platform. 

    The rewards you earn are in the form of tokens that have value.

    Value that can be used to instantly transfer your MAD to: 

    Your Free WeirdWorld Visa or Master Debit Card.

    and are readily exchangeable for vetted best of the best WeirdWorld goods and service providers, or used to  for fiat tradable on crypto exchanges or . It is similar to how someone playing a video game could obtain a limited item by playing the game. If the items are transferable between users, then they can sell or buy them on game item markets. 

    The MAD utility token is the digital currency for expanding the organic reach of content, products and services throughout the WEIRDWORLD network. MAD utility token's can be purchased and exchanged between users, invested in specific content to facilitate its flow through the network, or used to compensate developers, users, creatives, 4th Estater’s and educators for their contributions. MAD utility token's are also vitally important for the network infrastructure (scalability, bandwidth, Storage), continuous developments and improvements, legal, accounting and operations.

    People will buy, sell, exchange and hold onto MAD utility tokens in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various WEIRDWORLD related services.  Purchasing power for say a local fitness class, groceries at Trader Joes, a meal at your favorite restaurant, to place a targeted ad on the WEIRDWORLD network or to exchange them for local currency with your MAD Crypto Visa Debit Card.

    Does it cost anything to post, comment, or vote?

    Invitees are issued free MAD utility tokens upon signup.  The free utility tokens allow you to access the network forever after your initial signup. You are then free to post, comment, and vote on content.


    How can I earn MAD utility tokens?

    You earn MAD utility tokens on WEIRDWORLD by:

    Playing our app on-boarding game.

    Gamifyd login.jpg

    Every time you log-into Weirdworld you must answer 3 different educational questions in 3 seconds.  Every correct answer earns you a MAD reward.  Every in-correct answer deducts MAD rewards and donates them to a great cause or project.  The game is meant to expand your knowledge about hidden heroes in technology, science, society, history and more..

    Being Kind, Empathetic,Supportive, Participative (KESP).

    When you are Kind, Empathetic & Supportive in your offline or online interaction with a community member, and the community member acknowledges you, you are rewarded with MAD utility token's and an increase in your KESP Score.

    Inviting a great person, org, business.

    Posting - By sharing posts and receiving upvotes from WEIRDWORLD community members.

    Voting - If you are one of the first xxx members to discover a post and upvote it you earn a reward.

    Sharing Your Data.  - The more you share, the more you earn.  You are in full control.  

    MAD Meetups and Checkins - Earn rewards for active participation in social good initiatives in your community, in your state, in your country.  Attend a Net Neutrality meeting at your local congress woman’s office, check in, earn rewards.  Vote in every election, earn bonus rewards.  

    MAD Ads - MAD Permission based advertising system.  Users opt in and earn rewards for viewing, voting and offering constructive feedback on ads.  Advertisers and publishers will see best ROI as they will know that a user actually watched an ad. 

    Advertisers and Publishers, small businesses and individuals can purchase MAD utility token's in order to place ads on the WEIRDWORLD platform.  

    Purchasing - Users can purchase MAD utility tokens directly through their WEIRDWORLD wallet using bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and many other tokens. They will also be available from other markets and exchanges including Shapeshift.io. 

    The MAD utility token reward pool is a monthly and yearly reward pool.

    The number of MAD rewards you will receive depends on the amount of sharing and voting you do, the number of upvotes you receive from your own content, your offline and online participation and your KES scoring.

    MAD utility token holders can also earn a small amount of bonus rewards (interest) for holding onto their MAD utility token's for 6 months to 3 years.