Mark Cuban Calls Blockchain 'A Great Platform For Future Technology'

Mark Cuban recently related his thoughts on the merits of blockchain technology and how he perceives the metrics of value behind them. - By Jeremy Nation Ethnews

It's no secret that the markets surrounding currencies underpinned by blockchain technology have borne the scrutiny and tongue lashings of many, including JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, whose critical comments have been widely reported.

A different public stance is being taken by billionaire and serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who has made no secret of his commitment to the idea that blockchain technology can be an agent of change in society. Cuban recently went on record to describe the value of cryptocurrencies akin to measures of supply and demand, such as those seen in the stock market.

"You know, most stocks, there's no intrinsic value because you have no true ownership rights, no voting rights." Cuban explains that shareholders "just have the ability to buy and sell those stocks."

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